Social Collider

Social Collider is a working place for people with disabilities, similar to SGEnable, to be part of the co-working community. It encourages such people to care about society and strengthen relationships between business and society. In addition, there are collaborative opportunities, co-innovation programmes, and co-working arrangements, plus workshops on social entrepreneurship.

Suki Group

Recognising that Singapore is a food paradise and is well known for its wide array of delicacies, Mr. Jason Lee was inspired to create a chain of restaurants that incorporates family-oriented concepts and themes. He is a person who values family bonding. Hence, he established Suki Group of Restaurant in 2002.

Through 15 years of commitment to superior food quality, customer service and innovation, the Group has grown tremendously, today boasting 20 outlets and is home to 750 energised and passionate associates.

Social Health Growth

Social Health Growth (SHG) was born in 16 February 2012, and drives these 3 thrusts.

SOCIAL – to help all communities, race and creed in Singapore.

HEALTH – to provide for the physical, emotional and mental well being of the single, unwed mothers and that of their children.

GROWTH – uplifting and supporting the mothers to grow as individuals and have financial independence and create a better future for themselves and their families.

Our previous social projects

Migrant Friends Food Donation Drive


Hair for Hope satellite partner 2019