Family Bonding 'LIVE'

Join us on 26 or 27 June!

Singaporeans love food, fun and family. Over 3 hours, we hope to provide the essential elements of a good day out (minus the sun and the rain).

We begin with lunch or dinner. A selection of delicious halal bento sets will be made available as you eat with your child(ren) or make new friends. A candle-making station where you can customise a unique momento to take home will be set up.

During the meal and craft session, our trained team of applied theatre practitioners will begin interacting with participants. Once we have all settled in the performance space, they will create an improvised, interactive performance (in English and Singlish) based on the stories of the children and parents who are present.

Playback Theatre was developed in New York 1975 and is now practised in over 70 countries. It is appreciated for its ability to create a deep ritual space where any story - whatever your experience has been as a parent or a child - can be told, reflected back, and affirmed.


Social Collider

J'Forte Building
26 Tai Seng Street


Singapore 534057

Date and Time

26 June 2021 (Fri)

6:00pm - 9:00pm

27 June 2021 (Sat)

12:00pm - 3:00pm


$65 per parent-child pair (2 persons)

+35 per additional parent OR child

Price includes:

  • a choice of bento for each participant

  • a candle-making activity

  • an interactive performance

"I said, Bedtime. NOW!"

"We're all Human"

"I wonder..."

"The Journey"

Candle-Making Activity

Bentos for everyone!