Quality Food

Commitment to Quality Food and Social Impact

Recognising that Singapore is a food paradise and is well known for its wide array of delicacies, Mr. Jason Lee was inspired to create a chain of restaurants that incorporates family-oriented concepts and themes. He is a person who values family bonding. Hence, he established Suki Group of Restaurants in 2002.

Through 15 years of commitment to superior food quality, customer service and innovation, the Group has grown tremendously, today boasting 20 outlets and is home to 750 energised and passionate associates.

Quality Food via the Following

Culturally Sensitive

Specific foods to suit specific cultural tastes.

Halal Central Kitchen

The central kitchen is Halal certified, enabling foods to be suitable for muslims and non-muslims alike!

Trained Chefs

Chefs are trained in various cuisines from Chinese, Japanese, North Indian, South Indian and more.

Nutritionally Correct

A resident nutritionist ensures foods are well

Quality Ingredients

Ingredients are kept fresh from the central stores and sourced from reliable sources.


With over a decade of experience and over two dozen outlets, you can be assured of great taste!