Love to our Migrant Brothers

Current Situation

  • When the migrant brothers come to Singapore to work, they have to pay agents to help them look for jobs. The amount ranges from SGD5,000 to SGD20,000.

  • These fees will then be paid by the migrant brothers to the agents over many months of instalments. It may take up to 3 years to clear these fees.

  • In the interim, the migrant brothers scrimp and save, after paying off the agent fees. They want to send more money home.

  • Daily food is what they mainly save on, resulting in a simple dish of curry and rice for three dishes, every day.

  • The migrant brothers help us with the infrastructure projects. From the MRT tracks to housing developments, and they deserve better.

  • Just as we help the low income families in Singapore, the migrant workers deserve our assistance too.

  • Help us to give them better food and improve their qualities of life.

What we offer

Value for Money Meals

Low cost foods does not mean low quality foods. We want to provide quality meals with economics of scale.

Culturally Sensitive Food

Our migrant friends may not be so used to our local tastes and cuisines. It is important that we provide familiar and comforting meals to them to feel like home.

Nutritionally Suitable

The foods served need to meet nutritional needs based on their jobs and also to maintain good health. For example, those in the construction industry require high energy diets.

Sustainability Through Self-Empowerment

We believe in working hand-in-hand with our migrant friends and have a co-payment system of subsidised meals rather than outright donation of food.

Managed Logistics

One important aspect of providing any service to our Migrant brothers is to have Effective Logistics - To deliver quality to large numbers of individuals from different companies living in far off dormitories.

Empathy & Humanity

We aim to build relationships with our migrant brothers, rather than to see them as beneficiaries. We will provide interactive programmes to interact more with our migrant friends over food where possible.

What you can do - Our Projects

These meals are specially packed, with quality controllers and chefs from multiple cultures to produce food in their own cuisine and styles, as well as nutritionist certified to ensure they have the current nutrition.

Sundry Packs + A Good Meal

We will be providing to select groups:
A Sundries Pack (containing Hygiene kits, dry goods and beverages)
One Good Catered Meal

$50 for 1 Kit and Meal

Quality Bentos over the Weekends

Providing quality bentos - what we as Singaporeans consume - to our Migrant Brothers to have the opportunity to taste and enjoy the kinds of foods we get to eat in Singapore as a gourmand capital of the world. Examples of cuisines we include Halal Japanese, North and South Indian, Chinese and Malay foods.

$80 for 4 Meals a Month

Daily Meals with Dignity

We will provide daily catered meals so that they will have foods they enjoy and also time to relax after work if they don't have to cook. Each worker contributes $90 a month, while we will dollar match another $90 to provide 3 meals a day for a month. (Total of 90 Meals a month)

Donate as you please

Assist a Migrant Friend

Working with sgAssist, sponsors and individual patrons to sponsor food for an individual migrant brother who are in need.

$180 a month to provide Food for One Individual for 1 Month | 3 Months | 6 Months | 1 Year

Community Kitchens (Proposal)

Building a fully equipped shared kitchen for workers to cook in near their accomodation.


Central Kitchens (Proposal)

Setting up central kitchens to lower costs and provide quality meals to large numbers of dormitory residents.


Communities in Focus

Tagore Lane

Ric Dorms

Quick Build Dorms

Purposefully Built Dorms